Asset Protection Yours

Catalyze understands that your identity is an asset that has value and needs protection. Take control of it in our blockchain Catalyze digital wallet. Add all of your other assets – home, car, occupation, income, education, family members, pets, your health and more – and we’ll protect them as a single portfolio.


Complexity Made Simple

  • Australia’s leading life insurance data services provider since 2004
  • Deep understanding of data journey from front to back offices
  • 16+ years of industry knowledge embedded into Catalyze

Catalyze has a reputation for owning the complexity and distilling it down to simple outcomes


Your Assets Protected

Identity Asset Management

Manage and protect your identity in our blockchain digital wallet. Store the details of your assets in your portfolio and maintain them through secure transactions in the Catalyze eco-system.

Asset Field Service

Enable service providers to install, maintain or repair your assets through trusted transactions secured via pre-verified credentials. All parties have full visibility of every aspect of the service delivery.

Digital Estate Management

The ultimate asset protection – a digitally verified and immutable will. At this most sensitive time have peace of mind as pre-verified credentials perform secure transactions with agreed parties to ensure your wishes are accurately and effortlessly executed.

Insurance Data-as-a-Service

Catalyze meets all of your insurance data needs – operational, financial, actuarial, regulatory, analytics – and delivers it via its secure cloud Catalyze platform to your staff, sales channel partners, reinsurers and more.

Insurance Admin-as-a-Service

As experts in our Catalyze platform and pioneers of holistic asset portfolio protection, Catalyze delivers superior customer and sales channel outcomes. However, our deep understanding of data and complex back-office functions ensures that it is not at the cost of your end-to-end business.


New Paradigm Ethical

  • The Catalyze platform defends your privacy and protects your assets.
  • We offer a new paradigm of protection that is visibly ethical in all of its secure transactions.
  • The customer as an individual and a portfolio of assets is kept whole at all times

Responsive Scalability


Lightweight cloud services instead of heavy monolithic platforms: Our microservice-based platform builds tomorrow’s solutions.

Digital Wallet

Leveraging blockchain technology, keep your identity and other personal data secure at all times in our Catalyze digital wallet.

Secure Transactions

Transact on the YIAP platform knowing that at all times your personal data is never persisted in our system – it remains locked away in your YIAP digital wallet.

Cost-Effective Compliance

The powerful combination of blockchain and microservice technology make Catalyze permanently compliant at no transactional cost burden.